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A person may be deported from the United States for an immigration violation, a criminal conviction, or membership in certain prohibited organizations.

A person may seek asylum in the United States if the person fears coming to harm in his or her home country.

In either case, getting help from an experienced attorney is essential.

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Deportation and Removal Defense

Preventing deportation can be very complicated, requiring a broad understanding of the complex rules and regulations related to presenting an effective defense in immigration court. Non-citizens can find themselves in immigration court on account of minor criminal offenses, such as shoplifting and misdemeanor assault. Often, the people making the decisions are overburdened and have inadequate resources. They are in a hurry. For the persons facing removal, having an experienced deportation defense lawyer standing by their side to protect their rights can mean the difference between success and failure.

At the law office of Bart Stroupe PLLC in Seattle, we have nearly two decades of experience helping people facing removal proceedings. Because time is often of critical importance, our approach is straightforward and efficient:

  • First, we look at the evidence to see if the person is removable. If not, we move to terminate proceedings.
  • Second, if the person is removable, we look for avenues of relief.
  • Relief may include a deportation waiver, eligibility for a green card, or a new green card sponsored by a spouse or employer.
  • We will ask if there a potential basis for asylum
  • If there is no immediate relief available, we may negotiate for the person to leave the country voluntarily rather than under order of deportation.
  • In the event of removal, our goal is to negotiate a resolution that minimizes the long-term consequences, so the door to reentering this country is not permanently closed.


If you are a foreign national currently in the United States and you have a well-founded fear that you will be harmed if you return to your home country, you may have a right to seek asylum and, eventually, citizenship. At Bart Stroupe PLLC in Seattle, we have years of experience handling asylum applications for individuals and families seeking relief from a range of circumstance, including:

  • Religious persecution
  • Ethnic persecution
  • Racial persecution
  • Political persecution
  • National origin persecution
  • Persecution based on membership in a particular social group

In addition, there may be temporary relief, allowing you to live and work in the United States due to:

  • Social unrest in the home country
  • Natural disasters or other catastrophic events in the home country

Asylum cases must be carefully documented. They require a great deal of specific information. Why are you afraid to go home? How can you prove that? What are you doing in the U.S.? Furthermore, immigration judges are allowed much discretion when making decisions in asylum cases.

For these and other reasons, anyone seeking asylum should first seek assistance from an experienced lawyer.

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